Friday, October 11, 2013

Cottage at the head of the Cove

House at the head of the cove 

This is our house at the head of Lobster Cove.
It is a small Cape Ann Cottage that was built in the 1760's by a man named Oliver Griffin. He grew up in an even older house somewhere in the back of the property. Oliver was a yeoman or farmer, but probably also did some fishing since the house is so close to the water,which is just across the street. 
 I remember the first time I saw this house ,about 40 years ago ,while my husband and I were driving around Cape Ann ,exploring. I was in love! It was such a sweet little place in a perfect spot ! I never actually thought I would end up living in it. Well it took us another 20 years and three other old houses before it was ours. I had to really convince my husband that it was the place for us. The house had been in the same family since the 1920's and it needed some work. As my husband likes to say "everything was broken"! It was. Ten years later, we are still "fixing" things! But, as my Dad always likes to say, you only get one free year even with a new house. 
   The barn , next to the house is actually two barns connected  together . The smaller one in front is
where my husband has  his  studio. He is a painter in his spare time. The bigger barn in the back has a wonderful apartment in it ,which we rent . When we bought the place , the barn was filled with all kinds of things from previous owners and among them were things which were left over from the days when farmers lived here. I later found a few photos taken in the early 20th century showing pastures and fruit trees in back . So pretty. Now there is a small house and gardens where my neighbors live. Still nice.

The view down Lobster Cove



  1. What a dear house. Thank you for sharing it with me for a little while when we visited.

  2. What an adorable property. Your hard word paid off.

  3. It is such a wonderful house. Perfectly proportioned and filled with 18th century details. You were obviously meant to have it!

  4. You have a beautiful house and a wonderful view of the water. Mine (in Oregon) was built in 1888 so I guess it's fairly new. And yes, I'm still fixing things, too, even after 23 years here.

  5. Oh my have a wonderful home.....I love everything about it. Please share the inside too :) Thank you so much for sharing this with us....blessings on your week friend.

  6. *****greetings...i'm sure that you have heard this before, but..."the only thing that works in an
    antique house are the owners!" very true, as i'm sure that you can attest. we live in
    a 1730 sea captain's house in newburyport. i remember your home from the early
    homes magazine and we have met at the quilted acorn in newbury. peace!!!

  7. Such a beautiful, peaceful cottage!
    Thank you for sharing ~

  8. Your cape ann cottage is adorable - and just the place for your dolls to feel at home. Thank you for the tour. Since a child, since walking inside a house that "Washington slept in," I've been fascinated by historical houses, wide fireplaces, wood floors, and colored trim. A reader from Lancaster, PA.

  9. Love the story of your cozy cottage and how you acquired it.

    I am new to your blog and will visit you again, soon!