Monday, September 1, 2014

THE DOLL'S ADVENTURE , or Two little stowaways!

  A few weeks ago, I went to New York State, to visit my good friend, Sandy Connors.
She lives in the most charming house, circa 1830 or 40, in the little village of North Chatham. The countryside is really beautiful, with rolling hills, pastures, rivers and sleepy little villages. I fell in love!

 Sandy's house is truly wonderful. It is a deep Mustard color with a blue door and a picket fence in front.



At the end of her driveway is a perfect red barn. When you look to your right, you see another fence and lovely garden gate which guards Sandy's garden. What a garden!!!! Magical is the only word I can think to describe it with. So much to see and discover. Sandy has chickens, geese, cats and Flora, a sweet Corgi. In the back, along the side of the red barn, is the original hen house. there is a lot of coming and going! Across from the hen house is Sandy's knot garden and wash line. All very picturesque.

 I bought along, Carolina, the doll I had worked on last. Sandy wanted me to bring her, so she could see her. Carolina ended up staying at Sandy's house for a wee visit with some of Sandy's dolls. They had a grand time!  Well, back at home, two little sister dolls were pretty unhappy that they did not get to go visiting and have some fun. You probably remember Eugenia and her sister, Elena? Okay, so you are aware that these two don't just sit still on a shelf...they act!
Elena! Oh dear, so unlady like.....
 I was getting ready for another trip back to North Chatham and was not paying much attention to my suitcase. Well I think you know where this is going.....yes, they went with me.
Oooh, Sister , Come quick! 
 They had a wonderful time! So much to discover and see. I unpacked my suitcase and off they went to explore. When it came time to say goodbye to Sandy, I wasn't sure I could get the dolls back into my suitcase.

I think we might have to visit again....
Carolina watched from the doorway, unsure how this was going to go. Flora
sat by just in case there was trouble! 

Elspeth , the resident doll, came out to show the sisters her world.
A pretty place indeed!
Elena led the way and Eugenia followed. The garden was so inviting.

A tiny water trough for Bees or maybe fairies?

Who lives here?  A little squirrel or mouse in this wee house?
Pretty soon everyone, including Flora and kitty, wanted to look into the wee house!
I found a nest! Little bird, little bird where have you flown?
Just a broken shell......
The Little Sisters saw Elspeth in the back garden with the hens and geese.
They wanted to go in there and see the hens and geese. Carolina watched as the sisters climbed over the wall.
She was not interested in a flock of birds .

The flock

One more step ,Eugenia!

Off they went.....

Come, little sisters, I have many more things to show you . 

A knot garden .

A forest of flowers !
Eugenia! Isn't this place grand?

This suits me just fine...A bit of sun and a few flowers.....

So sad saying goodbye...... We love Sandy's garden..