Monday, April 27, 2015

The Visitor

                                                    THE VISITOR.....  

                                                  Rupert Von Hare is here

  One Spring day ,while Eugenia and Elena were busy, doing whatever little wooden dolls do during the day , a little visitor arrived.  He was a dapper little fellow, carrying a bouquet of violets, and wearing the only clothing he possessed . He slowly made his way up the crooked staircase, and peaked around the corner, into a little bedroom.  He crossed the room until he came to a very tidy spot with a tiny bed and chair. Just the right size for a rabbit like him. 
The bed looked exceptionally comfortable, with pillows piled high and a very cozy quilt. And the perfect chair!  

Glancing back at the bed, he thought, this is the place where I will rest, as he climbed into the little bed. 

                                          When his head hit the pillow, he fell fast asleep.......

  After playing with her doll, Louisa, all day , Elena was tired and wanted to take a little nap. When she came to her bed, She was surprised to see her bed was not empty!!

                                Oh, Eugenia!  Eugenia come quick!!!!

Hmnnnn, I see what you mean. I wonder who he is?

The rabbit stood up and immediately started apologizing. He explained that he
had travelled a very long way, and after seeing this very cozy bed , he couldn't help but climb in and go to sleep.
 " My name is Rupert Von Hare.  Rupert, to my friends.  
Please accept these flowers I picked," he said
Well, Elena and Eugenia were very impressed by Rupert's good manners and asked him how he came to be in this house. 

    Rupert told them he had come from a far off place called Germany . He had lived at first in a house with children. That was a happy time.  Lot's of fun and games.  After several years, he was placed in a box.  Then one day, he was taken out of the box and put into a  little shop. Rabbits do not like sitting on shelves, so Rupert decided it was time to do some traveling. He made his escape.
Elena was fascinated..... She wondered if he knew Sandy, their friend in New York.  That was also a far off place. She would have to ask him later.

                  The sisters wanted to show Rupert what good friends they could be.

                                                   First came a game of hide and seek.  Rupert's favorite.                        

Where, oh where, did he hide?  
If you look closely you can see .........

Then dress up!  A favorite of theirs!


                                Finally,  some food and drink.  Elena knew what Rabbits ate and found some delicious sprouts. Eugenia held the goblet with water and lemon. Rupert ate and drank .                                                        
                                            He was the happiest Hare in the land!

When the day ended,  Eugenia tucked Rupert into bed and Elena read him a bedtime story . 

Goodnight Eugenia. Goodnight Elena. Goodnight Rudy!

                      Early, the next morning, Rupert got up and looked out the window. He knew that it was time he went on his way. There were still many places and things he wanted to see and do. He left quietly....thinking that someday he would be back. This was a good place and he loved Elena and Eugenia.

 "Oh dear, oh dear! Where is our little friend! " cried Elena.

Eugenia spent most of the day consoling her and explaining that Rupert Von Hare was a rabbit full of adventure. He had spent too much time in a box. This was his chance to see the world and he was going to take it. Life is short, she explained. We have to make every moment count.
 Besides, she knew someday he would be back.

                      Dear little friend.....