Thursday, April 3, 2014


Elena and Eugenia
I thought I would do a fun post. The other day, two little wooden sisters arrived at my house. They were made by Master doll maker, Kathy Patterson ,and represent dolls which were made during the early to mid eighteenth century. I have been a doll collector since I was a little girl and started with dolls made of bisque from the late nineteenth century. Now I am very interested in the kinds of dolls that were played with earlier, like wood and paper mache. Anyway I caught these two checking out their new surroundings......
I am thinking this will get interesting....
What is sister up to.....

Eugenia! Grab the string!

Elena, I don't know about this!

There now, hold on Eugenia! 

That was exciting, don't you think?
I think Mr. Clock is rather handsome.

Follow me, sister.....


Hello, pincushion, my name is Eugenia.

Hmmmmnnn...looks like Spring is coming...

I guess it might be okay for a nap...
I like it here Eugenia! 


  1. Fabulous! Charming! What a heartwarming post. Leaves you with a smile on your face.

  2. You, lucky girl! I'm a big fan of Kathy Patterson's dolls.

  3. How very, very exciting ~ I am soooooo happy for you, these two precious sisters could not have found a better home, and I look forward to following their adventures in their new surroundings. Happy times to you all. Penelope

  4. Peggy,
    Congratulations on the new members of your doll family! They do look very much at home in your house. I'm waiting for the c.1790 English wooden that I've bought from Mary Ann Spinelli to arrive. We'll have to arrange a "play date" and get the girls together! Maybe Eugenia and Elana can share dress making tips, since my long awaited wooden was redressed later in life and is wearing Civil War era clothing at the moment.

  5. Very pretty dolls. they look cute exploring your house. I know you will enjoy them so much.

  6. Lovely ladies. Looks like you should keep an eye on them, they could could cause some mischief!

  7. What a charming way to show us your splendid new clock and the precious dolls from Kathy. Thank you for this lovely view of them.

  8. Dear Peggy,

    How the delightful the sisters are exploring your lovely house with all its wonderful furnishings! We love the photograph of Elena hoisting her sister Eugenia up to the face of the beautiful clock! What a pretty picture they make beside the cyclamen!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and the Dolls at Corgyncombe

  9. So delightful, I will be back for more of their adventures

  10. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!