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I love to make dolls and their accessories! 

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            Carolina and her wardrobe!  Sold

   This is Carolina. I made this doll after I fell in love with an antique black cloth doll, with a face like the one I made for Carolina. When you look at her, you can't help smiling!  She was truly a labor of love!

    Her body is made of 100% cotton and stuffed very firmly with wool roving.   Carolina's face has a hand stitched nose and eyes that were sewn using heavy thread and shoe buttons.  Her hands have separate fingers and her feet have toes. Carolina's hair was made using black wool which was braided and then hand stitched onto her head.  All of Carolina's clothing was hand stitched by me, and done in the style of the late 1840's.  Carolina stands about 22 inches tall.

Here is the list of things Carolina will bring with her in her little chest. 

 Two dresses   
 Two Aprons
Red wool Cape. 
Straw Bonnet with straw bavolet 
Quilted Bonnet for Winter! 
Day Cap with tiny lace edge.
Work bag , with tiny scissors in scissor case and pin cushion.
Two petticoats, one corded and the other a simple one.                              
Pantaloons and a chemise with lace trim. 
leather slippers and  dainty stockings.
Wood Chest, lined with newspaper. The newspaper lining is a reproduction print from 1848.

I have plenty of pictures of Carolina and all her things, if you need to see more. I have to say 
that it is really hard to photograph this doll. She is really wonderful and the pictures do not show it.  
Straw Bonnet and red wool cape

Carolina and her chest , yellow print dress, straw bonnet , and work bag!

Wearing Red wool Cape, blue print dress and linen apron.

Quilted bonnet

Corded petticoat

Pantaloons, and chemise

inside the chest 

Work bag with pincushion , scissors and case


Blue green print dress
Carolina's chest

Blue plaid apron

Carolina and her Chest ,   $1150  includes shipping in USA
                       To purchase, please email me at Thank You!!


  1. Peggy she is lovely! I knew she would be when I saw her as "work in progress" :) Her wardrobe is beautiful! You are sending her out in the world with the proper clothing for any occasion.

    1. Thank you so much , Paula! I made sure Carolina was ready for travel , work and play!

  2. Carolina is fabulous and her clothing is beautifully made, great job Peggy!