Friday, January 3, 2014


The little Cape covered in snow
 What a couple of days we have had! I actually love this kind of snow storm , all tucked in a cosy house with the fire going..... no complaints from me! I realize that for a lot of people it isn't fun. My husband had to pound and push the back door open this morning because the snow had mounded up against it . After he got it open he stepped off the steps and fell into a 3 foot deep snow drift. Ummmm , not happy when he stood up and saw me laughing. I couldn't wait to get my camera and take some pictures, so I dressed quickly and stepped out or should I say off, since I fell into the same pile of snow. Now he was laughing.
The back and side of house 

Garden room of barn 

Lobster Cove as tide comes in!
We are all waiting to see what the tide does today, since it is supposed to be exceptionally high. Lobster Cove has flooded my neighbor's yard in the past and I think today will be no different. Later I will try to take a picture of it.
The cove last year's storm
 In the picture above, you can see my neighbor's little red barn surrounded by the water in the February storm of 2013. The barn survived and hopefully it will be okay after today's high tide.  Below is a picture of Annisquam lighthouse. It is probably one of the most picturesque places I know. This was also taken after last year's February snow storm. In the distance, you are looking at Ipswich bay and on up the coast toward New Hampshire. On a clear day you really can see forever!
Beautiful Annisquam Lighthouse

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  1. Hi Peggy, I love your pictures! Thank you for sharing.