Friday, January 3, 2014


Lobster Cove as the flood tide brings the water up to my neighbor's house and barn.

Lobster Cove flooding
The little red barn surrounded by water

My little Cape across the street from the flooding cove. Nice and dry!

Fearless fearless man of mine!!

Water rising around my neighbor's house

Carolina is fascinated by the snow, having never seen anything quite like it before. She is thinking that once the doll maker finishes her wool cape, she might like to go out and walk in the snow.....


  1. Dearest Peggy, How lovely your pictures are, and how I wish I lived in a place such as that. You have an artistic eye. Like you I find it comforting to be snug in my nest with my handwork, fireplace and furry friends. Hoping your coming year will be filled with joy.

  2. We have a frigid winter blast headed for East Texas,something we are not accustomed too here. I have to admit the snow you have is very beautiful...we all get so very excited over snow when it pays us a visit here :) I too hope there is no damaged to your neighbor's house or barn. Maybe your sweet Carolina will have a chance for that walk....blessings friend

  3. I hope you are still warm and dry. If this keeps up Carolina may need a flannel petticoat! We got the cold air and the snow, but at least no flooding! It got so cold in my studio that the kerosine in my oil lamp turned into a giant lump of ice! Who knew?... Even with the high tide, cold weather and massive snowfall, everything still looks calm and beautiful.

  4. Hi Peggy, What beautiful pictures though I am sure you and your neighbor could do with a little less drama from the sea. Dennis looks great. But Carolina steals the show. Her clothing is lovely, I did see her nodding yes about the flannel petticoat. One of my Greiner dolls has such, it is striped flannel with a crocheted heavy yarn lace on the hem.

  5. It looks beautiful and very familiar. This is my turf too and I love it!

  6. Dear Peggy and Carolina,

    Carolina looks so lovely in her frock and bonnet! We can see why Carolina would want to go out and have a look about in the snow as your house, land and waterscapes look so beautiful! Hope your neighbor didn't have a serious flood problem!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and the Dolls at Corgyncombe

  7. Did your neighbor's barn survive the onslaught? What a winter we have had so far! We out in the west, would love to have some of your snow. Please send some our way. But your temperatures we do not envy. Stay inside Carolina!

  8. Hi Mary ! Yes my neighbor's barn did survive. It is kind of amazing that this isn't the first time this has happened and after the high tide recedes, the water disappears. A Miracle really!
    the weather has turned a bit warmer ,39 degrees! I wish it would get a bit colder though to kill the pests that invade my garden in summer. Oh well...