Monday, March 30, 2015


 Spring is being really stubborn here in Massachusetts. Winter just hasn't quite given up and since it is impossible to go out and start getting my garden ready, it actually snowed all morning, just enough to make a person think they are going crazy, I have been busily making another group of fairies.  

 Hmmnn, that was a long sentence...but there is no other way of describing the situation around here.....

 These fairies come in wonderful boxes shaped like acorns , a pear , a paint decorated egg and one just hanging on a geranium! They are removable from their boxes and can be carefully positioned if you like.  Each one comes named and they range in size from about 3 inches to almost 4 inches. If you are interested in purchasing any of them , just email me and let me know.  You can pay by bank check/ money order or I can send a Paypal invoice. 
New fairies in shaped boxes! 

Nutmeg sitting in her acorn! Nutmeg is only 3 inches tall.

$55  sold

Nutmeg on her acorn.....

Fiona resting on her pear.

$ 55    SOLD

Fiona resting in her pear....

little Sweetpea sitting in her acorn....

$55  SOLD

Sweetpea has a lovely long braid down her back..

Sitting in a beautiful egg, is Ella.

$55   sold

Ella's egg box

This is Lilyette! She is hiding in geranium leaves. She is shy......

Ally sitting patiently waiting for Spring....

$55   SOLD

Ally on her box.

   Spring, I know you are out there.....somewhere..........please hurry.......I'm waiting.....


  1. I think spring has gotten lost on it's way to New England!!! Still dismal here too. I LOVE this batch of fairies!

  2. These are so dear! I treasure mine.