Saturday, December 27, 2014


I have been busy for a couple of weeks, making my favorite thing. Fairies! I did a post last February on making these particular fairies. I talked about how make them, so I am not going to go into all that again. It isn't a terribly hard thing to do and it is something that you can use your own imagination to create a fairy all your own . A really fun thing to do, especially when the weather is crummy and cold outside.

I was watching one of  my Granddaughters playing with a fairy that I had given to her, and she kept sticking it on her head, pretending that it was landing on her and riding around up there. I started thinking about it and thought wouldn't it be funny to make some and put them on headbands ! Fairies could relax or just sleep in a little girl's hair! Genius!!

 So I ran out, bought some headbands and started making fairies. My friend, Sharon, has a beautiful granddaughter named, Riley, and we were on our way to visit her family while antiquing in Pennsylvania. I brought Riley a fairy headband. That was more then a year and a half ago, and she has been wearing it everyday. least with one little girl.

This year I decided it was time to make a few more for gifts. Here are some of the ones I made for my little friends!






  1. I have certainly enjoy your dolly Christmas adventures, and hope your holiday was special. I remember the post you did on these darling fairies in Feb. The headbands are adorable! I will be working on a dollhouses next year for my niece. It's a woodland chalet, that I plan to paint, plus painting the wooden furniture I've collected as well. I have look endlessly for the perfect dollhouse dolls & nothing has struck my fancy, but I've never thought to make my own. I ordered the Wee Folk book today....... we shall see! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a great idea! I love them all, but have to admit that Poppy is my very favorite :)

  3. Simply DELIGHTFUL!!! (Genius indeed)!!! So sweet!!
    Happy New Year, Linnie

  4. Peggy, you're amazing!! They are wonderful and what little girl wouldn't love one (or two), I know I would!! cheers... Marian

  5. I received the book yesterday & have really enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to start looking for supplies!